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Welcome to Unifor.

Unifor is well suited and prepared to assist Canadian pilots deal with employment issues in this unique and challenging profession.

Unifor can assist your Pilot Group in any number of areas. From organizing your Pilot Group to contract negotiations, grievance handling and dealing with your employer, Unifor can help.








If you are interested in improving conditions in your workplace or community, then join Unifor!

We can help you through the process and answer any questions.

Click here for FAQ's about joining Unifor.

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Unifor Pilot Groups

Unifor Local 7378 - Sunwing

Unifor Local 7378 - Cargojet

Unifor Local 2002 - Morningstar

Unifor Local 2002 - Pascan

Unifor Local 2002 - Propair 

Unifor Local 1604 - Westwind             

Unifor Local 2002 - EVAS





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